What we offer and how we make your event the best it can be.

​Q: What are the rates and services offered for a typical wedding ceremony?

A: All weddings are a custom event for you and your family. These rates that we offer are for ​a prelude (30 minutes as guests are seated), the ceremony (all music for wedding party as they walk down the aisle and anything during the service) and a postlude (music for the new bride and groom as well as their attendants as they leave the ceremony).

String Quartet: $ 700 - $800 (depending on travel)
A string quartet consists of 2 violins, 1 viola, and 1 cello. This combination is the most common and projects the greatest sound.

String Trio: $500 - $700 (depending on travel)
A string trio consists of a violinist, violist, and a cellist. This combination has a great blend and balance amongst the three instruments and is appropriate for medium to large venues.
String Duet: $ $350  - $400 (depending on travel)
A string duo consists of either a violin and viola, violin and cello, viola and cello. This combination plays the same the same music as the larger ones and is great for smaller venues.

Q: What kind of music is best for my event?
A: Please feel free to check out our song list and recordings as you program for your event. You are free to choose all of the songs or to let us help guide you. One of our musicians will help you choose the perfect selections for your event until you are satisfied.

Q: Do you accommodate special musical requests?
A: We will do our best to find the best music for you but please know that certain works are not in print and take us time to arrange and learn. There are extra fees for special requests but feel to contact us so that we can assist you.

Q: Will you reserve a date for someone?
A: We do not hold dates for prospective clients who are in the initial planning stages and are not ready to make a commitment. A date is held when a client commits to engage our services and requests a contract. If the contract and deposit are not returned within two weeks, the date is again open for the consideration of others.
Q: Is a deposit required?
A: Yes, a deposit is required to hire our group and thus “save the date” on our calendar. The deposit will be listed on the contract after all of the details have been agreed upon by both parties. The remaining amount is due 30 days before the date of services.
Q: I have a question that is not listed here?
A: No problem, please feel free to email us at clairemontstrings@gmail.com. We will get back with you as fast a Strauss waltz.